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Shichikashuku is an adventure game made for my middle school students. In it, you play a new student at a middle school who has to make friends and find the location of the missing English textbooks. It's a short game with simple puzzles that test basic English knowledge. For native speakers, there's quite a few fun jokes thrown in as well.
  • A simple adventure game
  • Over 30 students to befriend
  • Optional secret areas after you beat the game
  • Easy but approachable English for a non-native speaker
  • Alt+Enter to full screen
  • Arrow Keys to move
  • Z or Enter or Space to interact with objects
  • X or Esc to cancel
  • Shift to run
Can you get to Level 65?

- - - - -

This game is being put up for historical / archival reasons.
There is no intention of any further updates.

Version: 1.01 (final version)

Status: Completed
Game Text: English
Average Story Completion: 30-45 minutes
Average Perfect Completion: 2 hours
Speedrun 100%: ~40 minutes


Shichikashuku.exe 215 MB

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