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Shichikashuku II is a love letter to the town of Shichikashuku in Miyagi, Japan. A turn-based RPG with over 40 characters, secrets galore, and a personality all its own, Shichikashuku II offers a little something for everyone. Test your Japanese/English knowledge at the English Gates and repel the demon army!
This game was intended as a teaching tool. It uses a mix of English and Japanese dialogue, and is best for a Japanese speaker learning English. It could be difficult to play for someone with no knowledge of Japanese.
Like the Final Fantasy games, there's no need to play the previous game to enjoy this one. In fact, they're basically unrelated.
  • Bilingual English-Japanese gameplay
  • Over 40 characters to build your 5-member team
  • A simple story with some unexpected twists and turns
  • Lots of sidequests including the fun and challenging Training Courses
  • Test your English knowledge at the dozens of English Gates
  • WASD, Arrow Keys, or Mouse-click to move
  • X or Enter or left-click to interact with objects
  • Z or Esc or right-click to cancel
  • Shift to run
  • O to check completion status
Can you save Shichikashuku from the demon army?

- - - - -

This game is being put up for historical / archival reasons.
There is no intention of any further updates.

Version: 1.04
Status: Completed
Game Text: English & Japanese
Average Story Completion: 5 hours
Average Perfect Completion: 12 hours
Speedrun 100%: ~8 hours


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Shichikashuku II (PC Version) 589 MB
Version 1
Shichikashuku II (Mac Version) 590 MB
Version 1


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Was this made in RPG Maker MV?

It was! I've made a game for my students every year, and last year I'd made English Warrior. I was going to focus on other things, but once MV came out, I felt inspired to make it.

MV is a pretty sweet thing I must say. Even though bringing VX Ace projects to MV can be tricky, but it's so worth it in the end.

Definitely agree. Once MV came out, I had no intention of going back to VX Ace.

I only use VX Ace for porting processing.